1. Obsidian Death

From the recording Primal Conquest

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The king is slain and beheaded
The city captured and destroyed
The fires rage, temple left in ruin
The prisoners seized, ritual spoils of war

A chance for mercy
Taken away
Offered to the gods
Their blood will pay

Indulge the gods
Inspire the lost
Stairs of the damned
Steadily walked

Glorious ratification
Time is at hand
Roars of the crowds
Decapitation’s end

Slow death march
Climbing ever higher
As blood flows
Down the temple steps

The heart is bleeding
From the chest
The heart is beating
Obsidian Death

Descent into the underworld, righteousness made plain
Eternity awaits the proper slain
Masses gather at the sight
Bodies shall roll tonight

Bathed in jade
Congregations excite
Sways the blade
Freedom ignites
Before the gods
Accept these cries
We offer this to you
Our human sacrifice